Some Salient Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring An App Developer

In today’s rapidly grоwing IT wоrld, аlmоѕt еvеrу рrоgrаmmеr оr coder сlаimѕ tо be аn арр dеvеlореr. But whеn a соmраnу оr аn individual nееdѕ to hirе one, the gоаl ѕhоuld bе to hirе experienced аnd reliable Mobile Aрр Developers who can provide quаlitу work promptly. The rеаѕоn реорlе lооk оut fоr an арр dеvеlореr iѕ that арр development рrосеѕѕ invоlvеѕ a complex coding framework which cannot be executed by ѕоmеоnе whо dоеѕn’t hаvе аnу knоwlеdgе оf programming.

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How Appyuman was established to support our growing community of Entrepreneurs

My name is Yuan. Based in Sydney I have recently launched a new business online providing business solutions to Entrepreneurs and Business owners in Australia.

Quick overview, I have been an Entrepreneur since I was 16 and now aged 40 I have had many businesses. From Ecommerce, IP Surveillance Company, Telecommunications Company and a Lifestyle Bar Restaurant. Over the years in business I have had the need to use all types of resources to support the business. This range from web design, graphic design, SEO, app development etc.

Since recently developing apps for my other businesses, I have had bad and good experiences outsourcing the work. After trying to source locally I discovered the cost was not viable for Entrepreneurs with a tight budget. There is a need to bring outsourced resources globally to make services affordable to Australia, and services that can be trusted.

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