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Discover the Amazing NEW App that’s Aiding Parents Like You to

Transform Your Child’s Lackluster Commitment to

Achieve, Behave & Follow Your Rules…

Into Unstoppable Confidence, Self-Motivated, Self-Regulation & Success!


How Many of These Ring True for You as a Parent?

  • YES, I’m Ready to Stop the Nagging, Stop the Temper Tantrums, Stop the Arguing, Stop the Family Fights, Stop the Defiance, and Take a Deep Breath and Relax…as We Experience More Loving, Family Moments Together.
  • YES, I’m Ready to Watch as My Child Becomes Happier, Miraculously Self-Motivated, Unshakably Confident, and Successfully Begins Setting and Reaching their Own (and My)
  • YES, I’m Ready to Foster the Scientifically Based Skills that Build a Foundation for Success that’s Guaranteed to Last My Child a Lifetime.
  • And YES, I want it all to be easier on me, the parent, to foster a successful, happy, well-being focused child!

Naturally Experience Less Stress, More Compliance, and Happy Moments with Your Child, with Star-Zappy!


Here are the Top 7 Reasons Why Parent’s Love StarZappy

Boiled down to an exact science, this ROBUST Montessori based self-motivation tool will help your child quickly and easily…

  1. Become anchored to YOUR approval, instead of the approval of their peers (the #1 predictor of successful parenting, through teens years, and beyond)
  2. Set, manage and ACHIEVE their own rewards, based on goals you need them to accomplish (you’ll finally know exactly how to get them to argue less, behave in school, sit still at the grocery store, complete homework, treat siblings with respect—without constantly bribing with sweet after sweet!)
  3. Resist less, follow directions more, and feel happy that they’re winning the game of life (fewer arguments from them, mean fewer headaches for you—and more quality family time!)
  4. Build the foundation for life-long success (imagine your child building more confidence, more self-motivation, more executive level decision making ability, plus an increased knowledge of how to identify and get what they truly want—all making your life as a parent easier)


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