Appyuman is an online business resource portal dedicated to small and medium size businesses. Our passion is in working with entrepreneurs who share the same dream to dream big and strive for success.

With so many different types of resources available in the market it is hard to find a good balance of locally sourced services with an affordable pricing model.

Founder, Yuan has been an entrepreneur for over 20 years. He saw a need to give all entrepreneurs a dedicated service that has been trialed and tested to high satisfaction.

Having used local resources, he discovered the cost simply outweighed the results. Overseas resources, though pricing was affordable, the cost of time invested with communication simply exceeded all budgets. The nightmare of discovering your project has been assigned to a junior resource due to budget.

There are no juniors at Appyuman. Only highly skilled and experienced professionals.

As great as your idea or solution may be, without a sustainable return on investment (ROI), the viability of your product goes out the window.

Appyuman is a collaboration that consists of a carefully selected team of passionate experts in their field who has produced high quality work, on time and to a high degree of satisfaction. Our team is a convergence of professionals based in Australia, USA, UK, Ireland, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Phillipines, and Indonesia who are AWESOME at what they do.

Our objective is to give our clients the highest possibility of success through affordable and achievable milestones.

At Appyuman, we make our clients Happy Humans!

Our Advantage

 An experienced team of professionals working towards your success at a budget that can kick-start your project. We provide you with a Toolkit to build your Dreams!


Our designers have created a huge range of themes for over 1000+ clients. Attractive and unique.


It’s not all about the look these days but also the feel. User experience is an essential aspect to our approach.


Our team works on a fast turn around. A higher work rate on our part means the sooner our clients see results.

Design With Fun

We love all types of concepts, that is why we love working for Entrepreneurs! Bringing a sketch to life is rewarding for our team.

Know More About Us

All the things that make us who we are and why we are passionate in delivering your vision. Making dreams into a reality.

Our Creative Skills

Print Design 80%
Web Design 95%
Web Development 85%
Creativity Level 90%

FAQ Answers

We are a company that really knows what it takes to make our dreams happen on a budget. Our network of professionals are passionate about bringing ideas to life by offering our services at a cost we can afford.

We offer a wide range of business resources to help you build your business or kick-start your app ideas. Our services include web & app design and development, graphic design, print and 3D print, logo & mascot design, SEO, ASO, Adwords, Content Writing, PR Services, Company Intro Videos, Chinese Translation, Voice Talent and more.

  • Discuss your idea
  • Analyse & Plan
  • Build a team